Wednesday, June 23, 2010

creativity: week 3

week three of creativity and i found it a bit harder due to travel. this week had a few less creative days paired with some pretty goods ones, so i definitely don't feel as great about it.

june 15/laid out invitations for print

june 16/took photo of finn plus basic edit (catch lights in eyes!)

june 17/collected fabric samples for table runner

june 18/met with a creative friend? for real, this day i can't think of a specific thing because i was busy and then we drove 6 hours. i fail...

june 19/took photos of finn and his grandpa

june 20/took photos of finn and his grandma (also got some of him and his daddy)

june 21/milkshake graphic print for fun

i vow to be better this week!
andplusalso, i still owe you some ice cream/sorbet recipes and some sewing info. soon!


craftingmaven said...

you do not fail! if you notice, i used CLEANING in one of my posts. :) seriously, though...why is this challenge making me want to finish projects of any type, creative or not? this fall, i may do "30 days of projects" but, after this i need a break. ;)