Wednesday, June 2, 2010

30 days of creativity

i came across this website announcing a challenge for 30 days of creativity during the month of june. i decided i could commit to that (baby and all) and am going to try and blog at the end of each week with pictures of the things i made.

i've already gotten started (since yesterday was june 1) and have got ideas ready for the next few days. i'm not participating for real, i guess, because i abhor twitter. i don't write @anyone and using the #hashtagwhateveritis bugs the hashtag right out of me. but, i'll share here and maybe inspire someone else to be creative in their daily life. feel free to join in!


Thomas said...

I'm totally doing the same thing! We should make sure to have craft time when I visit :D I figured I needed to do something other than write this year, so I decided to go back to art: drawing and painting probably. But anything design-y helps, right?