Wednesday, June 16, 2010

30 days: week 2

i am only slightly late here...but my weeks of creativity in june continue to go well. and yes, i promise to blog separately about the ice creams and crafts and such that can be replicated by others. it's just that finding time to be creative is hard on it's own when you have a 15 week old, a house to keep semi-livable, and a busy summer and getting in these creativity recaps is time consuming!

june 8/working on a photobook (lol, screen shot of my desktop)

june 9/
edited a photo i took (bw conversion)

june 10/made oreo and chocolate chip cookie dough truffle balls

june 11/painted toes and creatively added (heat backed...) rhinestones and white dots

june 12/coconut cachaca sorbet

june 13/revised invitations for an anniversary party

june 14/finished anniversary invites
(they're ready for print, so i added in the off-white background for visual effect for the .jpg file - the lace holes will match in real life)


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