Monday, June 7, 2010

custom address stamp

upon moving to our current condo, which we plan to stay in for a little while, i decided to design
a custom address stamp. with all of the recent thank you cards and upcoming events, i knew i'd be writing my return address quite a few times, otherwise. i had designed a custom monogram stamp for my wedding so i already knew i would use (they are not paying me anything to recommend them, but their turnaround time, prices, and customer service can't be beat, so i certainly don't mind giving them business!)

i wanted a simple, modern design, so i used the same little dachshund silhouette from the baby onesie thank you card. i am fond of lowercase, so of course i use tiny letters to spell out our last name and full address. i have (hopefully) blurred it out enough on the images so you don't come and stalk me at my home, but rest assured the stamp produces a perfect image.

to send to, you need to upload a .jpg file at 300 dpi so they can get a clean image to create the stamp from. i chose the size of my stamp, sent my image, and had my custom return address stamp in less than a week. plus, i paid less than $10 for it. love!


Thomas said...

What quick turnaround! And such a deal. I love it. And of course the dogson is adorable.

craftingmaven said...

ohhh. love. i will be ordering one of these for myself. and storing this idea for christmas presents this year. yesssss.