Thursday, April 2, 2009

scotty dog key chains

hand sewn scotty key chains

as part of my small gift to my cheer team members, i usually do something with pictures. this year i found some plain silver frames and had 5x7 team photos printed to go in them. but i wanted to do a little something extra, so i searched for scotty themed ideas. i came across this adorable softie scotty dog and decided to use her pattern to create something for the team.

i didn't have the time to sew the 3d style scotty toy (plus i can't imagine why my team would want that), but she mentioned that the pattern works flat, as well. hmm...a tiny flat to use? a keychain!

scotties sewn, ready for bows and rhinestones

out i went in search of the supplies. black felt was easy...cording and key chains were easy, too. but black embroidery floss? you'd think that was some crazy request! because i needed fabric and the walmarts was the closest store that carried felt (::shakes fist at michael's::), i decided to call ahead and ask about the floss. yes, she said, we have all sorts of thread. that should have been my first clue, but i went anyway. i searched high and low and they had none. at walmart? isn't that where grandmas go for their tea towel supplies? (this is said with dear love, as husband's grandma hand embroiders tea towels and i love them!). i did some foot stomping and decided i had to make the trip out to joann's. of course they had it and i should have just driven the extra distance in the first place. (::shakes fist at walmarts::)

of course i already had the plaid ribbon and the rhinestones. you may have recognized them from my post way back when about scotty hair bows. or you may have never been here before and have no idea what i'm talking about

work zone: click this to enlarge it

i set out to sew my scotties on a sunday afternoon. i knew i wouldn't finish them at one time, but i made a good effort to get as many as i could done. the above is the living room scene for the week that followed. i cut each set of bodies out and sewed from the nape of the neck to the tail using a blanket stitch. i left the back open for stuffing and adding the cord and keychain. they were tiny and certainly took patience to stuff. i sewed the cording on securely, which closed up the back nice and tight, and completed the scotty body. i handed-tied bows, burned the ends to keep them fom fraying (cheer bow necessity), and hot glued them to the neck. the final touch was the heat-fixed rhinestone eye - cute to the la! (for the boy scotties, i just did a little plaid collar and no rhinestone.)

hanging on the picture frames ready for gifting

these came out so cute. the team seemed to enjoy them and some were surprised they were homemade. i think they'll hold up to a decent amount of wear and tear and hello, no one else on campus will have them.

i would still like to make the 3d scotty plush toy. i imagine while the sewing would take longer, it would be easier to work with something that's a little bigger. i don't really have a use for a scotty softie, though, so i'm not sure how soon i'll be trying my hand at it.


Thomas said...

the 3d scotty is so cute. you should totally make it. also, what was the nail polish in the picture for? :D