Sunday, April 26, 2009

a winner!

who won?

the contest is over! thanks so much to the 31 people who responded...i think red velvet was the overall favorite upon first glance. i appreciate all of the kind words - you all are so sweet :) the winner! i plugged in the 31 entries into the number generator and:

congrats to kelsey from apple a day! she loves red velvet, like so many of you...i hope she loves the package of goodies just as much :) kelsey, please email me at alaunapeterson at gmail dot com to let me know what color magnet set you'd like and where i can ship the prize to.

thank you again, everyone, for entering and for reading my blog. i hope you'll continue to stop by! here's to 100 more posts (picture glass of white sangria in my hand, raised to whatever it is you've got).


Kelsey said...

Yay! I'm e-mailing you right now!