Tuesday, May 5, 2009

oh hai. it's may!

oops. i've been busy and out of town and have neglected my blog. but i've got so many things ready to post, it's unbelievable. plus, i spoiled you in april with 11 posts instead of the normal 7 or 8. but i'm ready to get back on track. starting with, um, this here post of fancy pictures i took. i'm taking liberty with the "alauna makes" title and deem these photos "made" by me.

i took these at the local conservatory in the orchid room. it was a great day for natural light and i like how everything turned out. i did some minor photshop tweaking on them and altered the very last one more significantly. i also tagged them because while they're not fantastic, i wouldn't want to see them used elsewhere without credit. that's not been my style because well, i'm not a photographer and i really can't imagine pictures from this blog ending up anywhere else. but these, maybe.

so yeah. pictures! stay tuned for a variety of adorable and interesting things. promise! andplusalso, happy cinco de mayo, in which margaritas are had by many a folk without the slightest clue as to why. and can you blame them? uh, well, yeah...but margaritas for all!


Thomas said...

happy cinco de mayo! i forgot all about it and its oaxaca horrors. but anywhobearskipants, i love the photos and the signature. cute la!

Joelen said...

What beautiful pics!

Kelly said...

Awesome photos! And I saw that it is your birthday on facebook, so Happy Birthday!