Friday, May 29, 2009

fancy food

i was at the outlet mall a while ago and we got hungry enough to eat at the food court. choices included a $5 footlong, pizza, pretend panda, and a pretzel shop... i wanted a hot dog. when i saw the pretzel dog sign, it was an obvious yes. so good and buttery and salty. i could have eaten two. but i was saving up for fresh kettle corn (mom luckily got the last bag) so i just had one. it left me wanting more. not in the sense that i was hoping for something better, but that literally, i wanted to have them for dinner for the next week, possibly for the rest of my life. (exaggeration, but it was good.)

back at home, weeks later, i was still pining over the pretzel dog. i remembered a bag of pretzel mix my parents had purchased for me and immediately went out for hot dogs. "homemade" pretzel dogs for dinner on a weeknight with no mall walking excuses seemed so wrong, and yet so, so right.

wrapping the franks

i mixed up the dough (cannot remember the ingredients, but you can find mixes in the store or you really can make your own) and let it rise. then i rolled it out into long, thin ropes and wrapped each hot dog from end to end. i coated them with the instructed baking soda/water wash (you'd dip whole pretzels in this, i guess), added the included salt, and baked until golden. sandra lee, watch out.

pretzel shop dogs do not come on a white platter

unfortunately, i did not douse them in 2 lbs of butter and they just didn't have the same taste as the pretzel shop dogs. they weren't bad, but the dough was much thicker and and the hot dog got a litle lost. i still enjoyed this unhealthy, non-nutricious dinner. i'd like to try again because i've been wanting to make my own dough anyway. and when i do it, i'm going to go hog wild and add the butter. it's just not worth it without.

this fancy food post is brought to you by the end of may and my desire to post to summery foods and better i have to get up all the wintery/dated stuff before it's too late.


Thomas said...

Who wants the dog? Just pretzel would be good, although I could see it lacking the needed butter . . . definitely pile it on when you make it yourself.