Monday, June 1, 2009

amaretti cookies

who knew PW's 70s action worked for cookies?

if i were to decide to move in with someone, not my husband, and take my friend-la helen along, i know where we would both go. to the tiny (i guess?) kitchen of the smitten variety. i believe helen has made 4 smitten kitchen recipes in the last week, and i've made my share over the course of the year as well. you just can't resist her delicious photos and recipes. i doubt this plug will be much of a traffic push for her because she gets 1000 comments a day it seems, but yeah, here's my tiny blog shout out to the SK :)

the simple process from start to almost finish

on to cookies. i saw these cookies a few months ago and decided that when my mom visited (yes, also a few months ago), we would make them together. i've never made a piped cookie and i have no reason to go gluten free (and, to be technical, my almond paste was not gluten free), but the short list of ingredients and the adorableness that is small sandwich cookies seemed like reason enough.

they really were a cinch to put together. i've linked the recipe above, but the pictures pretty much show how everything works.
i piped and mom tamped down each little curl to make flat, even cookies. they were good straight out of the oven, just like that.

but the finishing touch is filling the cookies. mom and i did raspberry preserves and chocolate ganache. some were all raspberry, some were all chocolate, and then, to be daring, we took a cookie with raspberry and sandwiched it with a chocolate covered cookie. the ultimate chewy, fruity, chocolaty cookie sandwich.

oopsies...i ate this one.

they were so tasty! chewy indeed, with amazing almond flavor. i brought them to work and people polished off the whole bag in under an hour. i don't like marzipan (i once was fooled by an adorable piece of miniature candy fruit, i took one bite and gagged it down...but blegh, did.not.want.), but these have a light texture with a flavor even marzipan haters can enjoy.


Jen said...

It's 8:30am and I want one. right. now.

Thomas said...

I also don't like marzipan, but these were delicious!!! I ate a million.

Helen said...

I HEART SmittenKitchen--you go girlfriend... but not as much as I heart Alauna. People-- these things were SOOOO good. Don't even get me started on the cheesecake tiramisu things... ahhhh...