Sunday, June 28, 2009

i designed this card to send my dear grandmother a bit over a week ago. i've been thinking about her everyday since my grandpa passed away in early may and this past week would have been his birthday. she is such a strong, inspirational woman and she's doing well despite challenging times. i'm lucky to have her and i'll send a card any day of the week to tell her that.

the details: i drew the blue swallow in illustrator and added a layer with a blurred fill overlay. i added some simple branch inspired scrolls and an anchor of orange dots which both have basic pattern distressing. the card was printed on heavy white stock with a matching envelope lined in goldenrod.


Joelen said...

such a beautiful card!! You should start an etsy site!

Thomas said...

I love the coloring around the edge, it made it look at first as if it had been cut out (and there was blue behind), which is such a pretty effect.