Thursday, July 2, 2009

caprese skewers

quick and easy

we don't have a garden this year and the very worst part about that is not having an unlimited supply of basil and tiny tomatoes (lord knows we didn't get a decent beefsteak out of that garden). turns out, it is much cheaper to use basil at your leisure when you grow it yourself (i, of course, knew this...but maybe someone doesn't?). this is important because it directly relates to me having to purchase baby tomatoes and basil this summer and for this recipe specifically. i don't have a choice, so i do it...but i had to pout just a bit.

for these simple skewers, you're going to need access to (via garden, farmers market, or the grocery store) some basil and tomatoes, plus tiny mozzarella cheese balls called bocconcini and just a bit of balsamic vinegar. you can make them on toothpicks, party picks, bamboo skewers or whatever floats your caprese boat.

to assemble, thread on at least one grape/cherry tomato, one mozz ball, and one basil leaf - you can do patterns or get fancy if you'd like. to finish, drizzle them with balsamic vinegar and a good shake each of salt and pepper.

perfect for a bbq or gathering for the 4th!


Maryanna said...

These would be great for entertaining such as showers, etc.

Tamar said...

Yum! Just opening your blog page made me hungry. It's almost a conditioned response now. We have an abundance of basil this year so you're very welcome to some.

Thomas said...

All of those options float my caprese boat. Delicious!