Saturday, July 25, 2009

we made it 2 years!

husband made

this july marks the second year of my marriage to husband. while i'm a few days late in the post (it was july 21), i wanted to show you his craft work again this year.

if you remember, last year he made me a vase from paper - the traditional 1st anniversary gift. he decided to continue the tradition an carefully wrapped cotton fabric to create this year's functional work of art. of course he filled it with some flowers that were in my wedding bouquet because that who he is...he doesn't forget dates or important things.

he also got me these necklaces i've been lusting after. they are "swallowed" and "tree of life" from charmed and dangerous. i know there were some shipping issues due to google check-out and the company, but i'd still recommend them (i would give a glorious review had they ponied up to fix the mistake) because the jewelry is cute and reasonably priced.

traditional and modern

he completed the gift trifecta with the sugar and creamer set to our china, the modern gift for a second anniversary. i love them and can't wait for future tea parties.

i'm not mentioning what i got him because it's so not worthy of a place in this post of wonderful. regardless, happy anniversary husband! we made it two years :)


Mom2Be said...

happy anniversary! : )

Helen said...

you guys are the sweetest! Congratulations-- and GO husband! what a fantastically thoughtful gift.

Thomas said...

Oh cute la! Jason is also good at that stuff. It's funny that you and I, who are usually super creative, seem to not match their gifts. Maybe next year we'll have to brainstorm together (mine's late April, so there's time for us to forget)!