Saturday, April 18, 2009

light box photos

blood orange in light box

as promised in my previous post, here are the photos from my first light box photo shoot. i picked random items in my house to take picture in the new "studio" and edited slightly in photoshop (some more than others, you'll see).

a $5.99 vase husband picked out from walmart the day they lied about stocking embroidery floss. it's surprisingly cool and has great detail in the wood. who knew?

Juniperous procumbens 'Nana' (using caps at husbands request for formal name) husband, if i haven't mentioned it, likes plants. mostly he likes small trees and one of his hobbies for the past 10 years or so has been bonsai. the tree above is one of a billion in my house.

here i ran pioneer woman's seventies action (i'm pretty sure). this kind of defeats the white background, but i like it. 70s vibe indeed. same tree as above.

my father-in-law made this santa for me (i think just me...maybe husband and me). he learned how to carve wood and this was his very first piece. it's hand carved and hand painted and i really love it. it came out great in the studio.

so i made up this little card and sent it to him. i mean, i know it's april...but this is still super cute. next year! i used random photoshop actions probably from the pioneer woman.

then i had a photo shoot with the dogs. i took out the base foam core so their nails wouldn't pierce it and used a white sheet instead. it took some coaxing, especially for the scaredy baby, but with some peanut butter training bites, both happily sat in the little white box.
hoss and miles

i like these. hoss (blue eye) did, too. in fact, he liked it so much i came back into the room two hours later to find him curled up inside the light box. the lamps were off, but he didn't care. as i watched tv, he would every so often poke his nose out, sniffing for peanut butter treats. well trained! i would show you a picture but my stupid rounded corners action is giving me trouble. i love that action, though (from coffeeshop), so i'm just ranting a tiny bit.

i've got food photos from the light box as well. my next few recipes will include closeups from the new studio. in all, i'd say this makes getting a clean white background pretty simple and does provide with an even, well lit area to take photos.


FIL said...

I am glad you like the Santa. I am surprised your husband has not requested glamor shots of all his Bonsai trees

Shirley said...

I love the pictures of your boys. They are very professional. I wish my babies were so photogenic.