Tuesday, March 31, 2009

cheer tapas party

buffet of tapas

at the end of each cheer season i host a party at my house for the team. it gets them off campus and allows them to eat something other than pizza. this year's theme was spanish tapas. i used a book i got for christmas from my dad (thanks, dad!) for all of the recipes except the drinks and dessert. here's the full menu:

spanish tapas party
olive platter
roasted almonds
catalan toasts (tomato, manchego, serrano)
toasted sourdough with goat cheese and prosciutto
spicy moroccan chicken kabobs
spanish meatballs with green olives
sun-dried tomato and goat cheese tarts
roasted potato wedges with rosemary and shallots
grilled zucchini ribbon skewers
cilantro dressing
roasted red pepper dressing

non-alcoholic sangria
cinnamon chocolate cupcakes with dulce de leche and vanilla cream cheese frosting


there are so many full recipes, i'm not going to include them here. please feel free to leave a note with any requests and i'll send the recipes along. they're all pretty easy, but it's kind of hard to make everything all at once - i had a minor melt down and pushed the party back by a half hour to accomodate the cooking schedule.

i also had one flop - the eggplant tortilla i tried was a mess (x2). i spent lots of time cooking the eggplant and as soon as i added the eggs all went awry. they stuck, they burned and in a fit of rage i made husband throw them in the yard. that was the first thing i made the morning of the event, so it set in motion a bit of panic. but everything came back together and the rest of the food prep went a lot smoother.

i think the team really enjoyed the food and fun. the meatballs (all husband's doing) were a huge hit, as were the potatoes. but college kids don't really used dipping sauces, i learned. we have so much leftover roasted red pepper sauce!

the sangria also went fast. i refilled the pitcher a number of times. here's the simple "recipe": add sliced oranges and nectarines to a mix of cranberry/grape cocktail, orange juice, cinnamon, and whole cloves. refrigerate for a few hours and add spakling grape juice, blood orange soda, or 7 up (i used all three for different refills) just before serving.

sadly, i did not get good pictures of the dessert. i'll post about them soon, because they were so, so good...but the warm house and the rushed day really prevented me from getting good shots. you'll see :)


Jen said...

...in a fit of rage I made husband throw them in the yard...

best. line. ever.

Thomas said...

Dulce de leche cupcakes were delish. Can't wait to see that entry and remember them all over again. Three of them was maybe overkill . . .