Wednesday, June 30, 2010

30 days: final week

i finished my 30 days of consecutive creativity (with only 1 missed day. but i was with one of my most creative friends that day, so it evens out.) it was fairly easy to be creative at home, but we traveled multiple times and hosted a number of guests during june, so pairing my creativity with housework, baby care, photography (which wasn't always creative) and entertaining and i'll admit there were difficult days. here's the final run down:

june 22/last day of ballet for the summer

june 23/
read all my brand new patterns and got thuper excited to sew

june 24/
post storm photo (missed the rainbow by thismuch)

june 25/made chicken, veggies, and a mix of noodles into stir fry (no photo here. but no fail, as i had to get creative with my ingredients and then we ate it.)

june 26/floral "macro" (50 mm 1.8 as i didn't have my 100mm macro along)

june 27/trifold brochure help for my aunt ("designed" in word[!])

june 28/worked on yarn hanging lamp

june 29/i hate comic sans

june 30/30days survival badge


Thomas said...

Congratulations! I'm super impressed that you did it (I think I managed a total of seven days before switching back to writing, of a sort) and I can't wait to see the cute baby clothes I know you'll end up making with those new patterns.