Friday, January 30, 2009


i'm trying to make my blog look nicer and less like a straight up blogger blog. new headers with some of my pictures, better layout (right?), and more customized. i've added a list of my favorite things with links for you to get your own...or to at least see what i'm using.

am i missing anything? i know from my feed tracker thing that people outside my small circle of family and friends are looking at feel free to comment :)

i know i'm not a fancypants, tutorial heavy, links to such and such blog...but i've been doing this for a year and i don't want to toally suck, you know?


Thomas said...

Cute la! And I like the pop out comment-posting.

FIL said...

I like the changes and you know, dearest Alauna, that you don't suck at anything.

draynd said...

i think it's wicked. though i don't have the same amount of time to visit as often as i used to, or would like. (not that i'm able to even do half this stuff. still, pretty pictures.)