Saturday, January 3, 2009


tulips - a gift i received at our holiday brunch

welcome to 2009! i had a busy yet restful december and have so much to blog about. i've uploaded pictures galore from weeks (and, um, months...) past and january will be chock full of posts. then guess what? i'll celebrate my 1 year bloggiversary. a whole year since i decided four and a half people might care about what i make...

2008 christmas tree

so we'll get into january by reminiscing about this year's christmas...only days ago and i already miss it. i only had one tree this year (yes, i normally have two) so i went big and traditional. normally i shy away from anything red or green but for some reason i thought it fitting to pair my gold tree with a mix of red, green and gold gifts.

so the day i shopped, i got home an wrapped everything until 2 am. i found these papers all over but my most favrotie thing was the thick, wired ribbon with dots and snowflakes that i found at costco. and i'm glad i like it because i've got 2 50 yd rolls of it still...and i paid only $3.50 a roll. i about died when i saw that...and i made husband take giant box after box of bulk ribbon to find just the right styles. after ransacking the aisle (we left it a complete mess due to poor box construction. sorry costco.) i practically raced home to tie up pretty gift boxes.

christmas, i love you. see you next year! (and blog, i'll see you as many days in january as i can. promise.)


Father In Law said...

You miss Christmas and we already miss you.