Monday, January 12, 2009

holiday brunch

post feast brunch 2008

as we do every year, husband and i hosted a small gathering before the holidays. normally we try to go all out with a theme and have a nice evening shindig. this year, however, december was almost half over before we decided we'd have people no time to plan and party till dawn. as an easier option, i planned a brunch for 20 people with limited offerings of food and drink.

here's the menu for holiday brunch 2008
pioneer woman's sleepin' in omelet x2
smitten kitchen's boozy baked french toast x2
alauna's crustless quiche (veggie and meat options x3)
simple fruit salad x2
friend helen's chocolate toffee scones
friend mike's cayenne chocolate scones
frost-your-own gingerbread cookies
spiked egg nog

omelet, pioneer style ;)

i chose these recipes because that have similar ingredients that are cheap (eggs! milks! bread!) and can be made in advance. that is key when planning brunch for 20 at 10:45 am. unless you like getting up at 5 am. and even if you won't be able to make these anyway. (they have to sit overnight)

check out the recipe for the sleepin' in omelet linked in the menu above. if you cut the butter in half (or more) you can feel a little better about it...and it's still tasty! so good, i made it again while back home in wisconsin. bread, cheese, butter....more cheese.


this boozy baked french toast is also a make ahead dish. its about as simple as it gets and tastes delicious. but, if you go to northern wi and try to find challah, good luck. i made two batches for the brunch that were great. i got home and with all of the jewish camps closed (this is true), i couldn't find more than a plastic loaf of challah behind the bakery counter. christmas morning was a bust with soggy bread and burned tops*...but we improvised and made regular french toast spiked with booze. and then we had champagne and got over it.

* smitten kitchen's recipe is not to blame!

prepped for overnight

the morning of the brunch, i had almost nothing to do! i put everything else together, set out some drinks and waited for friends. the biggest bonus? not decorating cookies! i'll share soon the gingerbread is so spicy and delicious. i baked them in advance, then set them out with piping bags of white royal icing and let people make their own sweet treats. easy for me, fun for them!

baked brunch goodies

now, don't trust the picture of the baked french toast...i got to mingling and sipping mimosas and forgot the second pan was in the oven. it was still good and people didn't mind!

i love our holiday parties and i'm so glad we've got such a good group of friends to have over. and apparently, people don't mind stopping by...i inivted people the tuesday before a sunday brunch (which just happened to not far from christmas, so i figured for conlficts) and all but a few people responded within hours. feed them and they will come.


Thomas said...

oh my god. it was delicious. i want it again. now. can haz???

FIL said...

I would like the recipe for the french looks delicious!!

alauna said...

fatherinlaw, the link is in the menu at the top of the post. if you want, i can email it to you. it is SO delicious. be sure to add extra bailey's to phyllis' portion ;)