Sunday, January 18, 2009

gingerbread cookies

stacked gingerbread cookies

i love gingerbread and especially love when it's spicy and gingery. i knew i wanted these cookies to be decorated at the brunch, so i searched blogs and such for a recipe that seemed to have enough spices to fit the bill. i found it here, taken from the joy of baking, she says.

husband and i actually tackled this together. and i know husband has had kitchen sucesses, so i set him up with the dry ingredients thinking things couldn't go wrong. five minutes and and an "um..." later, i noticed a large amount of nutmeg in the bowl. there was nutmeg in the recipe...but not that much. apparently he forgot which spice was which and what amount of each he needed to measure. so i scraped the spices and top layer of flour off and he started over, more attentive. then, at the party, he made guests ask me why the cookies tasted so much like nutmeg. they didn't and he set me up, but i got all flustered anyway.

i cut them into gingerbread boys and girls, peace doves, and stars. i think i did 1.5 times the original recipe and ended up getting between 50 and 60 cookies. i also took them out quite early so they'd be soft and chewy and not like ginger snaps.

people liked icing the cookie themselves and they were a hit. once everyone left i spent about 25 minutes, hopped up on mimosas (seriously), and decorated the rest of them. then i laid on the couch and drank 3 more mimosas.