Wednesday, May 7, 2008

where has the time gone?

is it may? already? and i haven't made anything worth blogging about since april? how sad!

i can say that i made something, though, and that's making it through another year. today is my birthday and i got special things on my special day. husband got me a very great gift that we'll all benefit from - a canon 100mm macro lens! apparently he thinks i'm decent at food photos and would like to see me have more success at close ups. i'll tell you, it was tough to be at work thinking about that new lens just waiting to be used. i got a few quick shots in this morning after i opened it, but we had a mini photo shoot this evening and wow! it makes everything look so pure - i can't wait to see tiny flecks of vanilla in my frosting..or little sugar crystals...or ripe, juicy fruits. drooling yet? too! this picture is my one of the first shots from the new lens - my birthday breakfast made by husband. pancakes with mixed berry syrup, fresh raspberries and whipped cream. i'm a pretty lucky birthday girl!

and i know this lens can capture nature like whoa. here is a hibiscus flower from our tree - it bloomed especially for me this morning!

i took this while getting ready for work - can you make out my makeup? oh who cares, do you see that detail?? i'm not even good at this yet and i have little to no idea what i'm doing, so thank you, lens, because you're making me look good...i hope?

i hear it's good for pet portraits, too. Miles plays camera shy, but he was rolling around working it for me like nobody's business.

Hoss was "working" it as well. Poor guy, his neck makes him look like a little doxie linebacker. oh, i love him so and when my flash* isn't blinding him, he loves me too. (*yes i used the flash. i know it's a horrible thing to do. i'm still learning and without it or a tripod, you'd have vomited from image motion sickness about three pictures ago.)

so we went out to eat and i had plum wine sangria and spicy salmon with spinach and chick peas and rice and lentil sides (husband had scallops atop asparagus and lo mein and a wicked strong ginger martini)...and i came home to this cake batter confetti and red velvet ice cream cake. and hey, i didn't make one thing but that's ok because it's my birthday!


Thomas said...

That's the best cake ever made, I think.

I LOVE the hibiscus stamen/pistil/whichever close-up. It's amazingly clear. Loves it.