Thursday, May 8, 2008

cupboard dinner

some new ingredients for you to add to your pantry...i did!

ok, so i made this meal before my new lens, but those pictures were good enough before...and they're still good enough now. moving on, i haven't had pasta in what seem like years. it's probably only been a month, but i was missing me some heavy carbs and saw these new (to me) little noodle "straws" at tj's and bought them in a moment of weakness. i'm also working on my feelings towards artichokes (we haven't been super close, but i think we're making progress) and picked up a jar of these marinated guys. i brought my goodies home and found a number of pantry ingredients to make a totally unplanned pasta dish. it was good and i recommend keeping many of the following ingredients on hand from here on out (like, for eternity). 

i'll give you a synopsis of what i included, but it's called cupboard dinner for a reason. use what you've got.

-bucati noodles (cooked as the bag says)
-jarred roasted red peppers (i used yellow and red and chop them into large pieces)
-marinated artichokes (again, chopped)
-can of stewed tomatoes (if you don't have 6 jars of these on hand at all time, i'm not sure we can be friends)
-some cooked chicken breast (sautéed with garlic, sure*)
-spices (basil, oregano, anything that complements what you're using in the dish)
-lemon juice (add it at the end, off the heat)
-parmesan cheese (stir in some, then top the bowls off with it)

*i believe i cooked the chicken in some leftover white wine and some chicken stock, too. chicken stock is another pantry staple - i don't think i ever have less than 4 cartons. and then i have 2 vegetable stocks in there, too. have i mentioned this before? i feel like i have and now i'm all paranoid. so what, i like to have a lot of stock on hand! 

 i don't know why i used a whisk here. inappropriate use of a kitchen utensil.

go ahead and add all of these (or your) ingredients to a large saute pan, heat it up, and serve. it's not complicated but it's pretty good. it must be my newfound love (actually, it's "like" still, but don't tell them) for artichokes...or the roasted peppers...or the lemon juice. i think those are all key. plus the bucati are fun. they are also messy. they slid out of my bowl and onto a dress leaving an obvious stain. i guess i'm over that, but i was mad at the time.

cupboard dinner for all!