Sunday, May 18, 2008

husband bakes

a neatly stacked pile of dark chocolate chip cookies

i'm lucky. i have a husband that enjoys taste testing random foods, does the dishes, takes out the trash and, on occasion, isn't afraid to step into the kitchen for some actual food preparation. he often cooks on the stove top or in the toaster oven - eggs and tuna melts could be considered his specialties. (his eggs always stay sunny side up and the yolks break open all over my toast...i'm not so good at that part so he usually makes my eggs for me.) occasionally, he will make dinner. not like, some noodles and sauce. he'll make a three course meal (champagne risotto and crab legs was once whipped up as a surprise dinner for me.) and, on rare days, when i haven't baked in weeks he will tie on his apron and make himself a sweet treat.

i usually come out to find him elbow deep in flour and sugar, carefully measuring and making a bit of a mess. then i poke around, tell him his butter isn't soft enough or that he should use a different bowl...just generally bugging him. then i get booted from the kitchen and have to wait until the batter is ready. he brings me spoonfuls and i relish in the fact that cookie dough just came my way and i didn't have to lift a finger.

ok, yes, he's a nice guy. husband is doting and loving and all that jazz. but, i'm going to be honest here. his track record in the baking arena is not so good. in the past his cookies efforts have resulted, multiple times, in a pancake like food stuck to my good cookie sheets (he swears they were separated when they went in the oven). yes - one giant, thin cookie mess that can only be consumed by chipping away at it and eating the crumbles.

oh, but not this time!

this time the stars were aligned and the butter was the right temperature and husband's cookies came out golden and perfect. soft on the inside, just a bit crunchy on the outside...and lots of melty chocolate. we ate them and he took pictures of them like an old blogging pro. he stacked them up for their photo shoot and got closeups from all angles.

soft kronch

and i took a picture of my own. yum! three cheers for husband, who has seen baking success with his hershey's special dark chocolate chip cookies (recipe can be found on the back of the bag).


a concerned citizen said...

but where are the photos of his TREES????

Sister said...

Actually, as I recall from when he made cookies when we were growing up...if you leave out the flour by accident, they make delicious ice cream topping. I'm very proud of this effort though, but surprised that you let him use your mixing bowl.