Sunday, April 27, 2008

wine tasting

gsa wine tasting loot

i recently did some design work for an annual wine tasting event. it was pretty short notice and i wasn't expecting to take it on, but it was a different type of project than what i've done in the past and it was good design experience. 

the theme was "decision 2008", as the event happened just before a primary election. while i had originally worked on some pop-art samples, i did sketch out some wine-imbibing animals (the donkey and elephant icons, of course) as a possible idea and the organizer of the event loved it. so we went with a hand sketched theme and incorporated voting ballots and state icons throughout the pieces. 

you can see above the ticket invite with the zoo animals and ballot style layout. to be honest, it isn't my favorite thing i've done, and i think that was partly due to the short timeline, but the organizer loved the ballot theme and we went to print for 1000 - it's a big event! the ticket was white, high gloss 5x7 cover stock, printed front and back. 

the committee decided to go "green" and avoid using disposables, so they supplied a wine glass to each guest. they even carried the drinking party animal logo onto the glasses, which i loved. obviously this isn't the font i used in the coordinating pieces, but i didn't really work on this - they just input my art.

these were the program guide booklets. the event had wines from 9 states (and a kosher station) and guests wandered through the zoo aquarium to sample wines and watch fish. this booklet provided space to write notes about each wine and offered up some information about each state. 

here you can see the inside of the booklet. these are some of my favorite pages. the organizer and i selected iconic images to represent each state and i sketched the artwork. i also carried the voting theme along with state graphics and a big ole check mark. i think the programs were the most successful element of the whole package. the printing turned out great and we even included a perforated ballot on the last page for people to vote on their favorite wines. 

i don't have a picture, but i also created 2 x3 foot posters listing notes about each wine. these were placed near the stations at the zoo and people could read up on what they were sampling. it was the most last minute thing i worked on...we sent it to print just 2 days before the event!

i went to the wine tasting and had a jolly good time. lots of wine to drink and some great state-themed food. the ribs at north carolina were to die for. yum, i want some now.