Sunday, April 13, 2008

baby buggy congrats

i told you i like baby cards. this is not the last you'll see of them, either.

husband and i found out that his best friend/cousin and wife are expecting a baby in november. i sent this little card in the mail as soon as we heard the news. isn't that little 'buggy' (as my grandma would say) cute?

on an unrelated note, i haven't baked in a week. i'm trying to get back into to shape and baked goods do not fit into my plan. i am shedding tears, as i am sure you are, that there won't be any cupcake posts. worse, no buttercream for me to enjoy and you to lust after. i'll try to make up for it by making something interesting this week - maybe some new dinner recipes?

and one more unrelated thing. an apology (and vent) of sorts. i am sorry for the wacky font/text of recent. blogger, what is wrong? did i do something to make you angry? some days when i post, half of the text is so tiny no one could ever read it. today it looks like we're on a double spacing roll. this does not sit well with the perfectionist in me. don't make me bust out my old html knowledge and work from the html tab, ok? that won't be fun for either of us.