Thursday, April 3, 2008


circle graphic invite with thistle logo

is that even a word? if it isn't, i don't have any idea how to put gocco in past tense. maybe because it's not a verb...or is it?

this is my 2nd gocco project. after i brought the llamas to work, other people noticed and my next project was requested. these are invitations to an end-of-the year event for an exclusive group of students. i did this event's invite last year and printed them (so plainly) on white cover stock...this year i wanted to mix it up a bit (and use my gocco!). i'm so crazy, i know.

this year's circle design was printed with navy blue ink on kraft cover - the design was done in illustrator. i didn't take step-by-step pictures because i was too busy clove poking ham, dyeing eggs and baking cheesecake (remember that day? easter?) i won't multitask with food and gocco again. 

i also learned something - my print space is smaller than i had originally thought and my design was full bleed. some of the image on the initial screen was lost on the top corners, so on each print i had to press (by hand) from below to ensure a decent inking. the worst of them only suffered a weathered look on the edges, so it wasn't too concerning or troublesome, but in the future i will practice restraint when it comes to the size of my designs. the envelope cannot be pushed here, folks. in order to do something larger, i'll have to make more than one screen. i guess it means i'll just have to gocco again!

wow. how many times did i say gocco in this post?