Saturday, October 10, 2009

i moved!

first home cooked meal at the new place
(not the candy corn)

husband and i have officially relocated to the chicago area. so far, so good. i really enjoy our new apartment. the kitchen is fantastic - i'll share pictures from daylight ASAP. i'm not working now so i should have more time to craft, bake, cook, and make. i'm also hoping to find something to "do" with my life that interests me and supports my hobbies.

in the mean time, i'm getting hooked back up to the internet (today!), watching much missed good eats on food network and lots of hgtv remodel/design programs (it's been 3+ years since we've had more than 15 channels), and playing in the kitchen with my much tinier pantry supplies.

chops, salad, potatoes.

since husband works and i'm at home now, it is my pleasure to have dinner waiting for him at the end of the day. our first meal at the new place was as basic as can be: salad, boiled potatoes with butter and chives, and pioneer woman's pan-fried pork chops. it wasn't fancy, but it was filling and a good intro meal before i start whipping up culinary masterpieces...

now that i'm connected to life again (internet), i can search for new things to try, make some plans for grocery shopping (round 1 was filler supplies), and maybe write some regular blog posts.


Thomas said...

hooray for being connected to life again!