Sunday, September 27, 2009

outdoor modeling shot

the past week or so of cooking has consisted of trying to use up ingredients in the pantry. our move is next weekend and i'd prefer not to drag along 6 half open bags of pasta products and a bomb shelters worth of canned goods.

we've made a point of only buying produce and other perishable goods to complement the selection in the pantry. it's been fun trying to think up ways to use the same ingredients in new ways. a few nights ago, husband and i dined on rice (leftovers from a very large batch in the rice cooker) mixed with salsa, black beans, fresh tomatoes, and cheese wrapped in lettuce leaf "tacos". one can down and a sizable dent in the rice bag.

i made up this pasta recipe after i enjoyed the recent penne with spinach, asparagus, and bacon. it's pretty healthy and i was able to use pantry staples like chicken broth, cannellini beans, and the leftover uncooked wheat penne.

you know it's good when it starts like this

pasta with mixed greens and cannellini
2 pieces bacon (i used nitrate free applewood smoked)
1 medium onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
1 c colored peppers, diced (red, yellow, orange)
3-4 c mixed southern greens (my bag had collard, spinach, and mustard, i think)
3/4 - 1 c chicken broth
1 chopped tomato
1 can cannellini beans, drained
2 c penne pasta, cooked
salt and pepper

1. in a large pan, cook bacon until crispy, remove, cool and chop
2. add onions to bacon grease and cook to soften
3. add garlic and red pepper flakes and cook for 1 minute
4. add peppers and 1 c greens, season generously with salt and pepper, cook until softened
5. add 3/4 broth and 2 c greens, cover and allow to steam for 5 minutes or until greens have wilted
6. uncover and stir in 1/2-1 c greens, cannellini beans, tomato, pasta, and bacon, add 1/4 c broth if necessary
7. cook through, season with salt and pepper, and top with shredded parmesan

operation: reduce pantry

this was delicious! i'm really loving greens in pasta dishes because it not only tastes great, but it add so many nutrients. plus, any dish that starts out with a piece or two of bacon has got to taste good. this type of dinner is definitely going into a more regular rotation (possibly replacing my love affair with israeli couscous, tomato, and artichoke creation).


Jen said...

I'm making this....this week!!! Love these types of dishes:)

Thomas said...

I love MacGuyver cooking. I'm glad yours doesn't end up using year old goods, like mine have been known to do . . . I hope the move has gone well and not been insane-pants.