Sunday, November 9, 2008

pin-ons for beginners

baby shower pin-ons!

pin-ons. ever heard of them? yeah, i hadn't either before i chose to make them from a list of tasks for a baby shower. i looked them up online and found lots of lace, ribbon, and plastic objects. not being a huge fan of gaudy, lacey items at baby showers (or really, anywhere), i decided to set out on a mission: make pin-ons that were actually cute.

i made husband accompany me to michael's (it was his family baby shower i was attending, afterall) and we searched for the cutest things we could find that didn't have any lace. i came across these baby turquoise blue felt animals with contrast stitching and settled on them. we then found coordinating polka dot ribbons and finished by selecting matching stardream papers. husband searched for the pins and i found a perfectly dotty hole punch. it was pin-on heaven.

cute-to-the-la here people.

these were simple to assemble. i cut out the paper and punched the bottom edge. the animals were sticky, so i placed them with room for the bows. i hand tied the ribbon and hot glued to a corner of the paper. a final strip of glue to the back to affix the pin, and i was done! i made 32 pins plus one for the mommy-t0-be (using a "boy!" sticky cardboard thing).

i was totally in love with these. it helps that felt animals (whales, rocking horses and elephants) are adorable on their own and i have an extreme love for ribbon and bows. i have no idea what the people at the shower thought, but i assume they fit the pin-on bill enough that nobody missed the lace.

here they are in action! this is the mom-to-be (hidden by the cute baby bear suit), her mom (2 pins!) and her sister.

in case you were still wondering, the pin-ons serve as a game. our game was as follows: everyone gets a pin. if you say baby (or a buzz word of your choice) and someone hears it, that person can take your pin(s). as you collect pins, others around you become more cautious. if you hear someone say baby, you get all of their pins! at the end of the game you an either name the winner as the person with the most pins or (in this case) have the pin marked with a dot - done before the game - be the winner. while people thought they were collecting the most pins, the winner could be someone with just one pin...but the right one! baby shower games are so exciting.

if you were also wondering, the baby made his entrance to the world earlier this week.


Thomas said...

Yes, but who won the game??? Cute la to the max, indeed. I have such a soft spot for contrast stitching!

alauna said...

a tiny, adorable person that is maybe 3 years old? she can't talk that well (or didn't at the shower) and thus did not say baby...or no one heard her...or felt bad for her when she did say it. she got coupons to dq for winning.