Tuesday, November 18, 2008

have we done pictures yet?

nature walk november 8, 08

i'm not a great photographer, this i know, but i am working at it. i've been trying all kinds of things. i obviously take food photos, i try to work on portraits (i'm going to get some of the new baby next weekend!), and when nature and i get along, i take some outside, too. i took these photos a weekend ago on husband's birthday.

almost spiraling staircase

it seemed like an overcast day and maybe not a good one for pictures, but the gray sky lent itself well to these images. more true to fall in pittsburgh, at least.

husband and puppies

to be so honest and show how truly little i know about photography, i just went ahead and took these with my macro lens. yikes! i had been taking closeups of the leaves and the dogs and wasn't in the mood to switch...while these don't have a crispness that i would prefer, they do offer a great look at the beautiful transitional colors and dense leaf cover on our walk.

a dreamy end

i also used some basic photoshop (including some pioneer woman actions). when i was in middle and high school i was so good at photoshop. version 1..maybe 2? ha, i don't know. but before they started adding letters i actually knew what i was doing and i cared to learn more. i got in a rut when i had no computer of my own and didn't get back into it until i purchased one not so long ago. now i am relearning very, very slowly. i can stamp and blend and fix little problems. i understand various features but i'm still working on putting things together and working with layers properly, so good luck to me. i did manage to remove the tagging ties from the trees in the above photos, so they look as pristine and natural as i imagined the walk to be.

not something totally made...but i'm stretching the rules. it's my blog!