Wednesday, November 5, 2008

mm, looks good, right?

ok, you can blame my mom for this one. i didn't want to hurt anymore chickens. i wanted to roast them nicely, resting on their backs, cooking gently. but no...she didn't want that. she pressured me, phone call after phone call - "have you tried that chicken i told you about?" she would ask. "i haven't seen it on your blog." so i caved and roasted my most recent whole chicken on a bundt ban. apparently it's all the rage.

you can't really tell what's happening here. not yet...

i didn't use a recipe for this here roasted bird. but i'll outline it for you anyway.

bundt roasted chicken
1 whole roasting chicken
butter, melted (you measure!)
olive oil (you measure!)
herbs (fresh or dried will do; i used herbs de provence)
salt & pepper

1/2 c chicken stock, beer, or white wine (base this on your seasoning)
bundt pan and foil (i wouldn't normally list the pan, but you can't do this without it)

1. cover the center of the bundt pan with foil
2. coat the bird with a mix of melted butter and olive oil; rub it inside the skin layer, too
3. generously season with herbs, salt and pepper
4. set the bird atop the bundt pan, tucking legs and wings in
5. pour liquid into bottom of bundt pan
6. roast at 425F for 15 minutes, lower to 375F and cook until internal temp is 175/180F (cover top with foil if browning)

7. remove bird from oven and allow to rest before carving

when you remove the bird from the pan, i warn you, things will not be pretty. oh no. this is violation central right here, folks. you don't bring this guy (gal?) to the table. carve in the kitchen and bring out lovely slices on a platter. ok? because you don't want your guests/children/grandma to see this:

holy mother of...

yeah. i told you.


ok, back to good, clean blogging here. while my bird was resting (out of the pan, actually), i used the leftover liquid goodness to make a gravy. i'm rather good at making gravy these days. i've come a long way since lump/bland-ville and i'm pretty proud of that. i served slices of chicken with parmesan roasted cauliflower and fingerling potatoes with gravy.

this chicken was good, but if i'm going to shove something up the cavity, i'd rather it be a beer (grapefruit soda) can or lemons, onions and garlic. or maybe i could do this again and add those things (not the can) plus potatoes and chunky carrots to the base? it was good, but it wasn't blow your mind juicy or savory. i don't necessarily blame the cooking method, so i can't be sure. but mom, i hope you're happy.

the dogs love roast chicken nights. innards, anyone?


Thomas said...

"While my bird was resting" - for how long? A month? A wound like that ain't never gonna heal. I don't care how long s/he stays off the Bundt pans!

Thomas said...

Also, the rest of that blog slips back into the "not-clean" category, Shmallama . . .

alauna said...

if YOU think it's "not-clean", that's on you, not me! i write a family-friendly blog and i don't appreciate what you may or may not be saying. in fact, i'm not even clear on what you mean.

and no, a wound like that...sorry, but that's how it's gonna stay...