Tuesday, June 10, 2008

puppies thank you

puppy outlines

we recently went to a wedding in chicago and some friends and their adorable baby watched our dogs (and plants) while we were away. i know the pups had a good time because said friends have a lot of squeaky toys and laps ready to be warmed (or just sat on, since it's already 85 F here and there is no need for extra warmth). here at home we have laps, yes, and we have toys. but we do not and cannot have any squeaky toys. why? we have dachshunds. they are obsessive, crazy animals and our dog hoss wants more than just a summer fling with squeaky toys. i am told that on his visit to our friends' house, he played with their toys the entire time. without breaks, rest, food or water.

if you doubt this dachshund obsessiveness, i suggest you come over* and watch my dogs play with their noise machine or their laser beams. they are so crazy about their toys that they have learned to open knob-less cupboards to reach them. if you take the toys away, they will stay up at night staring at you while you sleep. i'm not kidding. it's so children of the corn...or whatever.

*i don't mean this literally, especially if i don't know you. i doubt anyone outside my small circle of people is reading this blog...but just in case, please don't come over unless i know/invite you.

craziness aside, these dogs are polite and they know when a thank you is in order. so i made this little card in illustrator and sent it to our friends in a grass paper-lined envelope (along with a bunch of bananas and a gift card to their favorite ice cream place - on thursdays you bring a banana and get half off a banana split!). i must point out that hoss' eye colors on this card are true-to-life and that yes, miles really does look like a baby doggy lion.


Thomas said...

Cute la.

I like the invitation caveat. I hope people read that . . .

Otherwise that will be an awkward conversation.
"But you said I could come over."
"Did you read the fine print?"
"No, I was too excited."
"Well, now you know, crazy creepster bum. Now get outta here. Thanks for your support, though. Okayskibearski byeee!"