Wednesday, June 4, 2008

mojitos: give them to me


it's true. i love mojitos. like, a lot. i even had them as one of two signature drinks at my wedding.

and there i go again, loving on all kinds of stuff...but for real this time. i like them basic, or with new fruits, even new flavors. give them all to me. what i have found, though, especially with that more, more! attitude is that i need to pair my mojitos with some food. any food will do, but i'm on a summer/healthy kick (minus the upcoming cupcakes i'll be posting about) so on this night of mojito imbibing, i made some tuna steaks and a sicilian potato salad.

oh yes, on this night i learned how to change my iso and while slightly grainy, these are flash free, indoor, evening photos. plus, i scored a free tripod from a friend and now the 66 million other versions of the same 'onion as still life' image might be considerably less in the future.

i'm so cool with my iso knowledge. thanks pw!

i'm feeling especially sleepy (lazy?) tonight so i'm just going to go ahead and link this yummy recipe for you. i'll give you 8 guesses as to where i might have found this. oh, you guessed rr june/july 08 on the first try? never mind then.

and yes, the above link includes the tuna steak recipe. these were good. i've been working on my fish consumption and all of the new recipes i've tried have really "hooked" me. ahaha. anyway.

husband and i enjoyed this so much that i made another batch of the potato salad for a bbq the next day. but on this particular night, we ate and i managed to consume three mojitos in a short amount of time (with dinner, maybe?) and was ridiculously happy for the next hour. then i fell asleep. i am so fun.


Thomas said...

Good fishing joke ;)

That mojito looks delicious and I want eighteen of them. Thank you. You try to concoct a mint mojito cupcake! Mwahaha. That would be muy delicioso. I'm so bilingual.