Saturday, June 21, 2008

easy pizza

i can haz a break? just barely homemade pizza.

some days, i'm hungry at the grocery store and cannot possibly fathom cooking a multi dish meal upon my return home. at trader joes, this is hardly a problem. there are so many from-a-box, pre-prepped items in that store, you'd have to be blind to walk out without finding something quick and easy to make for dinner. of course, most of those things have 500 million calories per serving and you're bound to eat the whole box without realizing it's for a family of eight.

enter the trader joe's wheat pizza crust, sauce and cheap cheese selection. now i know i've been all it's spring (summer!), must have fresh veggies...but some days, canned and jarred items just really hit the spot. this pizza is the closest to ready made as you can get without actually bringing it home from the store in it's end form. and yeah, it' pizza...but if you control what you put on it and how much you eat, it has got to better for you than taquitos.

there is no recipe. buy pre-made pizza crust (do whole wheat, it's still good and way better for you). buy pizza sauce in a jar or a with spices already added. then pick your toppings. to keep it easy, I chose kalamata olives (husband accidently bought unpitted, so i tore them up for a more organic [visual] feel), jarred sundried tomatoes, jarred roasted red and yellow peppers, and marinated artichoke hearts. 

drain all those jarred things, dry them off and chop them up. spread the pizza dough out on a pan and drizzle some olive oil and crushed/chopped garlic on top. pour on some pizza sauce and spread it evenly. throw on your toppings. and my favorite part, arrange large shavings of parmesan and romano cheeses over the top of everything. 

put it in the oven and bake at 425F until desired done-ness.

melty cheese

i took pictures and then decided i wanted it to get a little crispier on top. so imagine the cheese more golden. the wheat crust fills you up more than plain old white and these two cheeses are so much more satisfying than that fake frozen pizza "cheese". sure, its not from scratch, but it's quick and easy and tastes so grood! we were so full from just a few slices each, that one pie was enough for dinner and lunch the next day!