Friday, February 15, 2008

my first blog post

i make things.

i make cakes and cupcakes of all sizes, posters and program advertisements, breakfasts, lunches and dinners, cards and stationery, clothing and other fabric items, and so many other things that aren't easily categorized. i've been reading other peoples' blogs about these things for months now and am finally so sucked in that i just must blog about my own creations.

i take pictures of everything i make but really, who am i going to share a picture of a perfectly roasted turkey or adorable little treats with? i can't bring pictures into to work (especially if they've already eaten a real-life version of said treat)...i can't just be emailing my family daily with a single photo of deviled eggs or a i'll put them all here and you can come look when it suits you. maybe i'll put pictures of things i haven't made but love. we'll see if my stuff, my life, is interesting enough to put down into words and images for all to peruse.

for my first post, i'll give you a picture of something i love. i've got many pics saved up of things i've recently made...and i'll post them to catch up...but for today, just my puppy loves:

miles on the left and hoss laying down on the right