Friday, February 15, 2008

gocco printing

i got a pg.5 gocco printer for christmas 07 from my husband. he made sure to buy every "pretty" ink color available so i am set for a bit on supplies. from the minute i'd seen a gocco i knew i had to have one...once i finally got it, i was a little nervous about using it. i admit, even after printing with it, i still don't actually understand it completely. i don't really care, though, because it's amazing and i am so in love with it.

my first print was a valentine's day card. i drew it in illustrator and printed my design on a regular b/w laser printer. i used a tutorial online (after watching the extremely informative japanese training video included with my kit) and it couldn't have been easier.

supplies - red, black, and brown ink and my original

my first screen went off without a hitch and i got right down to business. i blocked my screen and inked the three color design heavily. a good, sturdy press and the ink transfer was complete. i was surprised by how clean the prints turned out - i had only about 3 bad ones in the bunch.

inking as seen from the outside

inking and design on the screen

a finished product

a few presses later and i was done with 60 card sets. i sold these through my job fairly quickly - apparently people get llama humor.

printed cards ready to make a valentine's day appearance