Thursday, February 21, 2008

before the blog: chocolate

as i said when i started this blog, i've got some catch up posts to include things i've made recently, but pb (pre-blog). this is one of those posts. each year my husband and i host a themed holiday party. we decided on chocolate for 2007 and i went all out. i'm including my menu and some pictures, but if you'd like specific recipes of anything you see or read here, please send me a note. i'm happy to share - many are original recipes and all are very tasty.

2007 holiday party menu
white chocolate, pistachio and dried cranberry salad on endive leaves
extra dark cocoa chili dip
cocoa-bbq pulled pork on miniature biscuits
chocolate chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce
cocoa meringues
chocolate mint truffles
spicy chile truffles
helen's brownies
hot cocoa spiked with goldschlรคger or peppermint schnapps
chocolate martinis

what i learned from this party is 1. finding traditional appetizers with chocolate as an ingredient is difficult; 2. adding cocoa to many dishes works - it adds a deeper flavor without sweetness; and 3. people really do love to eat chocolate.

chocolate chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce

white chocolate, pistachio and cranberry salad on endive leaves

chocolate dog, chocolate husband

cocoa meringues and spicy chile truffles

chocolate mint truffles


Thomas said...

Those truffs were delish! Us.

MissK said...

I send that emotion! EVERYTHING was amazing. Alauna, you are so creative and talented :) I am now officially addicted to your blog.