Wednesday, February 17, 2010

vintage ladies

i've had some requests to show the vintage pin up girls i framed in my bathroom. please note that these are NOT my designs. i have found them from sources around the web and you can, too. to give credit where credit is due, they are from esquire calendars designed by alberto vargas. (some nudity will be found when searching his work) i came across them in my friend's dining room, where she has an original calendar, all 12 months, hanging on her wall. i am very jealous.

here are three ladies that now hang in my bathroom. i love them! june and july from 1946 and january 1947.

my favorite calendar as a whole is the 1945 one. i have it in 19x27, which is just large enough for the small space. i put the images together into one large poster and had it printed at kinkos.

lots of yellow tones to match the bathroom walls, some green to tie in the curtains, and soft pastels to pull in light purple towels. plus, pretty budget friendly. it's a bathroom, after all...


Thomas said...

Yes, I do love it, as expected!