Monday, February 15, 2010

quick and easy curtains

super simple curtains

our main bathroom in the condo is painted a buttery, slightly sunny yellow. since we didn't feel like repainting, i decided to design around the color. i put up these fantastic vintage vargas calendar prints of pin up ladies (which i fell in love with thanks to my friend may remember we made button lollipops in the god awful heat of summer). i found a little white saucer with gold trim to match the gold fixtures in the space (also already there) to use as a hand soap dish. it's full on girly vintage (but the ladies are hot enough to keep it man friendly) and it needed some curtains.

i knew i'd want to make my own out of some floral fabric, so i found some from amy butler and set out to make something simple for the window.

midwest modern 2 sky fresh poppies

i bought 2 yards online from hawthorne threads and cut the piece in half vertically. i sewed the selvages and cut sides with a simple straight stitch, top to bottom, on each piece. to make a rod pocket, i sewed a large fold at the top, then made another seam about an inch above that, just large enough to allow the rod to fit. i measured for the hem and stitched the final bottom edges to finish. i used the scraps from the hem cut to create tie backs (tubes sewn, turned, and pressed).

the project took about an hour and probably would have been faster had i made any plans in advance. instead, i just started cutting and sewing until i got what i wanted. having a degree in clothing design makes you confident enough to sew a rectangle without a pattern, i guess ;)

i really enjoy these curtains. i like the green and the pattern, which plays nicely with our light purple towels and vintage girls on the walls. they are just feminine enough for the small space. a cheap, easy way to dress up an boring wall and textured window.


Thomas said...

Ooh, nice! How did you get the ruffle at the top, or does it just do that by bunching? Also, did you do any backing? I didn't for those closet "curtains" I made for my Schlag office and when I walk by I shudder at the visible stitching on the back, but I'm not the sewer like you, so there are PLENTY of other reasons to shudder at the end result. I actually need to totally redo them . . .

In any event, very cute curtains and I want to see the ladies there, too! Sounds awesome.