Friday, January 22, 2010

i have loved the blog tartelette for a long time. she makes gorgeous food and takes insanely beautiful photos. when i see her blog, and others of her caliber, i know that my little old thing is just for fun and that i have years of practice (and possibly some schooling and maybe some time, like a childhood's worth, in france...) before i reach that level of either of her talents.

that being said, for as much admiring as i do, i've never once tried a recipe. many because i just don't want to be let down when mine doesn't come out looking like hers. many others because i would be 200 pounds bigger (she posts a lot of delicious desserts and i don't have many people around me with which to share...).

so this white tea jelly appealed to me. it's easy to make with very few steps and i happened to have all ingredients on hand when i read the post.

for the recipe, here is the direct link. i had less grapefruit than she used, but i think the fruit part is a general idea rather than specific amounts. i just layered as much as i had into the little white bowls (more than the picture on the bottom left shows).

this was so refreshing. a perfect, light dessert that i enjoyed at midnight the day i made it. it was so good, in fact, that i made it again while i was home for christmas. my family was pleasantly surprised by this grown-up version of "fruit and jello salad".

and speaking of jello "salad", stay tuned. i have more gelatin up my sleeve...though the next one uses j-e-l-l-o right from the box ;)


Thomas said...

Way tastier looking than Candyboots's Weight Watcher Jell-O salads though!