Monday, January 11, 2010

flower hair clips

while browsing a few stores recently, my friend kristin and i spotted some adorable flower pouf headbands and hair clips. upon checking the price tag, something like $12 for adult version and $8 for the childrens', we decided it was a no go. i told her i'd make some for a fraction of the price. i know you can find these at teen stores for less, but why not just try your hand at it?

pack of clips (i found 12 for $2 at walmart)
tulle (1/4 yd for about $1 at joann's)
needle and embroidery thread
hot glue or super glue
flower shapes (free hand or use my templates - after directions)

(sorry i don't have pictures to demonstrate)

1. fold tulle repeatedly in half until it is about 3 inches wide (like making paper dolls)
2. cut to create a stack of 3x3" squares, connected at folds
3. pin in place and cut out a flower shape through all layers of tulle
4. knot thread and sew a few stitches through center of flower, connecting layers
5. bunch flower tips in hand and randomly sew through layers (near center stitches) to create a more 3d shape
6. tie off thread and cut
7. place paper or card stock between hair clip and add a dab of glue to hinged end
8. affix flower to clip at underside stitches, arranging petals to create a uniform pouf

9. allow to dry, then remove paper from clip (tearing off any pieces glued to metal)

the directions make it sound confusing, but i promise i made four of these in about 30 minutes once i figured out the first one.
i free handed my flowers as i cut, so each one i made was individual, but using the template takes any guess work out of the process.

in the first photo, you can see i added a small pearl to the center of the flower. you could try other beads of findings in the center, especially if you need to hide stitches (mine matched the purple and brown tulle i used). i imagine drawing a thin line in glitter on the edges of some of the petals would also be cute (though, your hair would be covered in sparkles). layering more tulle or a variety of colors could also change the look. imagine the possibilities!

here's me modeling a brown round flower clip. small enough to wear during the day, but pretty enough to dress up with, too. i liked these so much i gave one each to kristin and my sisters for christmas, just for fun.


Living Eventfully said...

Super duper cute!!!!

Thomas said...

Totally cute with the pearl.