Sunday, September 21, 2008

final garden post

the last of the summer garden 2008

husband and i took a final trip to the community garden to harvest the last of the season's bounty. i will admit, here and now, that things went well and the garden gave us some decent produce in it's last few weeks. it's not that i'd take back all of my complaints about the lack of red tomatoes because not much had changed on that front, but we did come home with a few bags of fresh veggies. i didn't help with the picking, though, because i was wearing brand new wine colored suede booties with a 4 inch heel...they had just come in the mail and i couldn't wait to put them on. so husband gardened solo while i sat in the car and took pictures of my feet. but then i came home and took pictures of the goodies.

and look how pretty! lots of little yellow pear drop tomatoes and even a few warm-hued full size tomatoes. tons of hot peppers, some banana peppers, and even a whole bunch of green peppers! plus, we've been drying peppers from the last month or so and now we've got beautiful reds, too. 

a bebe pepper!

so if you need peppers, i'm your gal. and i've been trying to use them in everything. husband has made omelets (for dinner), i made spaghetti (um, for breakfast. today.), and we've used the goods in just about every other dish to leave the kitchen. and i've got a seriously good recipe to post using the tomatoes that might just be the best thing i've made in a long, long time. 

so in the end, i've got to give some props to the garden. overall, it did it's job and really, i can only blame the local animals for ruining my grand plans to have homemade sauce for the rest of my life.


Thomas said...

Those all look so delicious! Nice job in the end :)

Pam said...

they all look so good