Friday, August 8, 2008

leafy thank you

husband required a thank you card the other day and requested something new. something he hadn't seen or used before. i rememberd some pictures i had taken a few months ago of trees and sky and a bunch of other random things and went in search for the right one.
i found what i was looking for in this one:

power lines just scream nature

i know it seems surprising. it's not that great of a picture and nothing about it really says "thank you!" but i liked those little leaves just off center, branching out from the bunch. so i dropped it into illustrator, cheated a bit and live traced it, and then spent some time cleaning up the edges and removing those unsightly power lines.

i liked the silhouette style and am still loving on the yellow, black and white color scheme, so i used yellow text and printed on crisp white stock. i know it looks creamy in the pictures above, but these next few are more true to life.

all cleaned up and looking grood

also note my attempt at a backdrop. it's baby steps here, ok?


Thomas said...

gorgeous leaves!