Sunday, August 17, 2008

i've been gone

fresh picked basil (would you like yours with a side of praying mantis?)

it's true, i've been gone. busy and traveling and "my" garden knows it. technically, husband has the green thumb and the desire to plant and grow things...but we share in some of the duties, including the eating. regardless of whose garden it is, we've both been gone and have neglected our poor, overgrown plot of land.

before we left, though, we made a trip to see what nature had made for us. much to our disappointment, not a single tomato was ready. we're not talking we've got a few plants and three or four tomatoes...we have twenty-two different plants, all bulging with fruit. green fruit. and as i write this, over a week later, they are still green and hard as rocks. other gardens in the area (it's a community plot) have tomatoes. bright red all for the taking. well, for their taking. i can't walk up to the fence a pluck a few from someone else's land.

but you know what we do have? peppers. hot ones. so many hot peppers that i don't have a clue how to use them all. we've got some drying on the roof, some sitting on the window sill and hundreds still on the plants. i've used a few to cook with and they were tasty. picked early, the jalepeno peppers aren't too hot for me to eat. i've paired them with onions and the pretty banana peppers we've got, too. and i've got loads of anaheim and serrano just waiting to spice up dishes in the future.

pretty peppers picked for palauna 

unfortunately, it seems the deer that may or may not be eating our ripened tomatoes (there's no proof that this isn't happening) are also feasting on green peppers, because every time we go to the garden another baby bell pepper has been devoured. that dang nature and it's cruel circle of life!

and speaking of nature (which i've been for the last 4 paragraphs), i saw some of it's work up close.  i screamed like a little girl when i was dutifully picking basil and plucking the flower heads and a praying mantis the size of texas decided to join me. get your own garden!

last, the prized vegetable of our garden thus far - a giant zucchini. you can see husband's hand for scale. it was big. i made it into fried zucchini cakes and don't have any pictures to show for it. but i do have some meals ready for blogging and as soon as i can get my last-days-of-summer lazy act together, you'll get some new posts.


Thomas said...

husbands holding zucchinis in that way (or any way, really) look a little filthy. i'm just gonna put it out there . . .