Monday, July 7, 2008

welcome (back!)

simple scotty welcome

so i've been busy and out of town, coordinating my very first wedding. it was successful and beautiful and everyone had a great time. i feel really good about the work that i did and at the end of the day i was tired and my feet were sore, but i was ready to do another. i can't wait until i can dedicate more of my time to helping brides (and grooms!) get what they want on their big day.

in between my last post and now, my coworkers and i also welcomed a new staff member into our small office within the university. as part of our celebration committee (c-com, word to your mother), i planned the small breakfast and welcome basket. usually tsquared makes our staff cards, but we were on a tight timeline so i made the card this time. i had made this little scotty design a while ago as a thank you note for some help with my cheer team, but it's pretty versatile, so i switched it to welcome! and lined the envelope with an adorable gingham/tartan print.