Tuesday, July 22, 2008

made it: one year


that's right. husband and i celebrated our one year anniversary yesterday. we "made" it a whole year and are still happy and in love...which, thankfully, is not surprising but notable nonetheless. we enjoyed a delicious dinner at a restaurant called hyeholde - possibly the best ambiance and food we've ever had. if you're in the neighborhood (which, just in case you've been wanting to stalk me, is not my neighborhood), you should most definitely have dinner there - they even have romantic picnics.

early in the day i was treated to a special breakfast of fresh blueberry pancakes with mimosas! nothing like drinking before work at 7 am. um, but i only had one and with an hour and half between champers and working, i was fine.

note: not made with asti. while i love me some asti, when husband makes, it's with the real deal.

then it came time for tradition: eating the top tier of our wedding cake. this was not an easy feat as our cake was frozen and stored in minnesota, where we were married. thankfully i have amazing in-laws that  were willing to ship the cake across the country. while it didn't look exactly as it did on our wedding day, it still tasted great.

thanks parents-in-law!

to me, it was more important to take the bite than to see it in perfect cake form. and look - the ribbon is still there! a note to everyone wishing to ship an assembled cake: the post office doesn't care if it's fragile and needs to be right side up. in fact, i'm pretty sure the post office will throw your box of expertly packaged cake around in their truck just for fun. and you know what? it won't matter because cake is cake and it will still be good. so take that mr. postman!

then it was time for my gift. in true form, husband went all out. his gift made me cry like a baby, something i would really rather not admit to but since this is what is known for much of the world as a "special moment", i'll be honest: my normally cold heart was melted (as it always is) by what he does for me.

this is a handmade (of paper) vase. he labored over it for a week or so and presented it with flowers that were in my wedding bouquet. (insert tears here) in addition to this he got me a book of chihuly's glass works, which we saw in pittsburgh and loved. 

we also treated ourselves to something fabulous - a wii. i'm a gamer, he's a gamer...and i've had my eye on one since it made it's debut. so we got one and stocked up on the some new games (thank to my parents for the fun! money - we even got mario galaxy). if nothing else from this weekend, i can say that i made a mii!

and, while it was husband's idea early on, i ended up "surprising" him with an appropriate 1 year gift:

paper mario!

there were no tears shed after this gift as i am not the romantic one, apparently...but husband did end up playing for about 7 hours. i'd say it was still a success. 

so there it was. i didn't make anything, but a year of marriage is still pretty cool. 


Thomas said...

Nice job sticking to the classic paper theme! Very cool vase from Husband. You should take a picture of your Mii and insert it, since, as you said, you did MAKE it, which the blog is all about :)