Thursday, December 24, 2009

happy holidays!

one project of recent was my holiday cards, which i've been making for a few years now. this year i wanted to gocco again and while i was interested in a multi-color, possible multi-screen design...i decided against it because i like simple and i don't want to waste precious, limited supplies.

outside and inside (sorry for the shallow depth of field)

i created this tree and hanging ornaments design in illustrator using basic shapes and some intricate snowflake cutouts (from my favorite snowflake website, make-a-flake). i flashed the front screen and made a separate inside greeting screen (i made the most of this screen by flashing a few additional design, soon to come). i printed with white ink on moss folded A6 cards and sent them in glass luxe envelopes.

raised print

the color is off in the above photo, but i just had to show off the embossing i did on a few of them. i learned this quick trick from my friend kim: dust super fine, clear embossing powder to the wet gocco ink, tap it off, and heat using an embossing gun. the design will emboss, slightly raised and shiny, and looks so adorable.

unfortunately, these prints were not without some hiccups. for whatever reason, my screen was missing some print areas in the tree and a number of the prints had blank areas. i still got about 50 good prints and was able to send all of my holiday cards to family and friends. i sincerely hope i didn't miss anyone!

happy holidays, season's greetings, merry chirstmas 2009. enjoy this lovely time of year!


Thomas said...

Those are awesome and that's fantastic about the embossing trick! Smart to double up on your gocco sheets ;)

MissK said...

Yay! I'm so glad you were able to use the embossing technique - I'm officially excited that I 'made' the blog :) We miss you SO much in Pittsburgh!!