Sunday, November 29, 2009


i know...i've been gone for too long again. i have no excuse. i'm not too busy. i'm making tons of food and have crafts planned and started. i'm just feeling pretty "meh" on blogging. i know part of it comes down to my photos. i feel like they look the same or worse as they have in the past. i don't see improvement anymore and can only pick out flaws. i'm hyper critical, but i know a good picture when i see it, and one hasn't been on my blog in awhile...

so i'm still here. i'm working on getting pictures edited and some posts written. i've just got to get back into this and like it again. it feels like work, not fun...and i don't want to blog unless it's fun. it's not my job and i don't make any money doing it.

stick around for some holiday crafts, foods a plenty, and hopefully a cheerier outlook :)


Jessica said...

Girl - you crazy! Your photos are great! I love to see what you are making. Don't sweat it! Btw, I work with Nicole Dahl, that's how I found out about your blog.

Mom2Be said...

for what it's worth, I like your photos! I love your recipes too so keep them coming if that's what you decide you would like to do. : )