Thursday, February 12, 2009

valentine's oreo truffles

love sweet love

let's start this off by giving credit where credit is due. these oreo truffles are 100% inspired by bakerella - the heart cut outs, the instructions, everything. my coworker said she's had these before, years ago, so i'm sure they're not original...but i got them from bakerella (whose pictures and ideas are fabulous) and i am attributing them to her :)

i saw them a while ago when first coming across her site. you might remember that i made her cake balls/pops last spring/summer. i wouldn't call that first time a success, so i knew i'd try again. and what better time than to treat friends and coworkers to these truffles than just before valentine's day?

oreos and cream cheese

oreo truffles
1 package oreos
1 80z package cream cheese
melting chocolate/bark/chips

1. in a food processor, grind 7 oreos (cream and all) to a fine crumb; reserve
2. grind the rest of the cookies
3. in a large bowl, mix cream cheese with oreo crumbs until well combined
4. roll out in 1" balls and place on wax paper lined cookie sheets (or press mix through mini cookie cutter shapes)
5. place in fridge or freezer to keep firm (i added this step because i'm not good at these yet, and this helps)
6. melt candy/bark/chocolate according to package instructions
7. roll in melted candy and place back on wax paper to set
8. top with reserved crumbled cookie or piped melted candy/chocolate


and hello?! these are adorable. i have room to go (both on the photography and the melted candy technique) but they are so much better than the first time around. i know it's because the oreo mix was much firm and finer than the cake mix, so it stayed together much better in the warm candy.

you know what else? they are good. rich and straight up oreo flavor, so you can't eat too many...even husband thought so. and um, if you've looked at the ingredient list, that's probably a good thing. i'll do you a favor and keep you in the dark. i made the mistake of looking at the calories in the 2 bags of candy melts and after i picked my jaw up off the floor, i made the decision not to revisit the calorie information on the oreo or cream cheese packages.

valentine truffles

plus, these are easy. you still have time to do them before the big love fest day. i just finished them (in fact this is my first post with pictures and such from the very day i did the actual making) and can't wait to share them with my coworkers. yum - happy valentine's day!


Thomas said...

Cute laaaaaa indeed!

I wish I were there to eat them all. Or one because I have to watch my girlish figure. Almost as cute as the truffles though is your little photo station with the wrapping paper (?) backdrop and mat. Loves the photos!

alauna said...

ooh thanks! the pics are extra pink because of all that color, so my white balance is a bit off. i am pretty proud of these ones - it's actually 12x12 scrap book paper.

Meg said...

When are you moving back to MN to bake/cook for me!?! I want some of these!

Pam said...

these look so cute & scrumptious. husband, friends & coworkers are so lucky