Sunday, October 12, 2008

wedding lollipops

i'm sorry i'm not posting very frequently...i've been so busy with other parts of my life that i have been neglecting to document what i make. rest assured that i do have a few things ready to blog about and in the coming days/weeks, i will try to be better about including them. until then, you'll have to read my old posts. i know you can't stand it when i'm away, but that's all i can offer. i see you outside right now, hoping that i am typing a new post and not just playing the sims2. i told you not to come here unless i invited you, so please, go home...i assure you i will post more.

and look here, a design post! remember way back in the heat of the summer when i brought sweat and sweets together with my lovely bride friend? well she got married months ago and i didn't bring her their wedding gift until only very recently. way too recently. i have been holding on to that gift and special card and since i hadn't given it to her, i couldn't post about it. i think she reads, every so often, and what a shame that would have been. not only did i not give her a gift on time, but she'd get to see her wedding card on here before in real life. i'm careful, though, and i don't post cards until they've gone out in the mail.  it's why i've got some back up posts right now...things i can't blog about because the person for which they're intended should see then in person, first.

ha...that is the most ridiculous-about-nothing paragraph i have ever written. i come back to blog and it's about how i can't blog about things. 

but i can blog about this here lollipop card. nice vanilla stock, a purple lollipop and pretty, 3-d yellow bow...happy wedding! matching envelope liner for the win. this obviously doesn't apply to too many people, but it is perfect for my dear friend, i think. 

ok, you need to remove your nose from my window and seriously, go home. i'm clicking 'publish post' now.


Thomas said...

Is the lolly printed or gocco'ed? I'm assuming printed since there are three colors and that would be a beeyotchsky to line up. And maybe it's relevant to not so many people.

Anyway. Cute la! I back away from windows now . . .

alauna said...

yes, printed not gocco. but i really need to gocco again soon. and before you age another year, we should probably get your cards done :)