Monday, March 17, 2008


i like greeting cards (have you seen the llama? more of him is in the works!). i worked at a card store (not hallmark-esque, funkier and unique) and really started to take an interest in small cards and stationery items. i use photoshop and illustrator (and now my wacom!) to create my own cards to send to friends and family.

whales for wales - congrats to my sister!

above you see my latest card, a cute little whale sending my sister congrats. she is going to wales this fall to do an internship abroad...maybe a visit is on the way!

below is one of my favorites. i've done many a baby card...probably because i *love* babies...and tiny objects (cupcakes, crystals, mini cards - too cute!)...but this one sticks out at cuter than the rest. i'll post some of my others at some point and maybe some new ones as well. for now, just enjoy these sweet little peas!

mini peapod = the cuteness


Thomas said...

Adorable! I heart baby peas. So cute.